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Debbie's new Promotional Video featuring concerts from around the world!

“Gifford has a seductive voice, is an imaginative improviser and puts a lot of feeling into each tune - a powerful storyteller. Gifford makes the gorgeous Harold Arlen tune “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” into a passion-filled gem.”.

Nancy Ann Lee


What does Opera & Jazz have in common? The answer is DEBBIE GIFFORD. Most people find this marriage of Opera & Jazz unconventional but Debbie has created a style unlike any singer before her – a match made in heaven.  Debbie captivates audiences around the world with her impeccable vocal abilities, showmanship and irresistible charm! Her performances captivate her audiences with a variety of ballads, blues, swing, R & B and Latin. On stage appearances included Opera, Musical Theater, Jazz Clubs & Festivals. Her performances leave her audiences always wanting more!   Earning a Master’s Degree in Opera and embracing a passion for jazz - Debbie has united these two musical genres to create a sound that is exclusive to her alone…


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