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  Debbie  began her musical career at the age of four when she got her first taste of show business.  As the audience sat in total silence, her pure sweet voice carried into the audience, touching hearts and bringing a tear to the eye.  The applause was overwhelming and she has never stopped touching hearts with her music...


What does Opera & Jazz have in common? The answer is DEBBIE GIFFORD. Most people find this marriage of Opera & Jazz unconventional but Debbie has created a style unlike any singer before her – a match made in heaven. Gifford captivates audiences around the world with her impeccable vocal abilities, showmanship and irresistible charm! Her performances captivate her audiences with a variety of ballads, blues, swing, R & B and Latin. On stage appearances included Opera, Musical Theater, Jazz Clubs & Festivals. Her performances leave her audiences wanting more.   Earning a Master’s Degree in Opera Performance and embracing a passion for Jazz - Debbie has united these two musical genres to create a sound that is exclusive to her alone…

An internationally renowned jazz vocalist, Debbie has been nominated “Jazz Musician of the Year, “Jazz Band of the Year”, and “Vocalist of the Year” in the Annual Free Times Music Awards.  Not only an internationally renowned vocalist and composer, she is the leader for her own jazz ensemble “Debbie Gifford & The Best in Jazz” and big band “Debbie Gifford’s Sweet City Swing”.  


Debbie appears  in many of the top jazz clubs, festivals and  concert venues in the United States, Asia and Europe, including: Chicago, St.Louis, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York, as well as, Italy, France, Austria, Spain and China.


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